August 12, 2018


Just a quick note to thank all involved with putting on another nice event. I’ve only been able to fit one tri in this season, and I missed all of last year (broke a nice string of many years-in-a-row doing HFP events). But I noticed some minor and some major tweaks over the years to make the events better and better. I appreciate the attention to details, upgrades, etc. That does make a difference to racers of all levels. Little things like, good tunes (AC/DC) at the race start, well marked courses, race results, etc. etc. And I love as I get a little (lot) older, you have moved us up in the start slightly — makes us still feel a part of the race.

Just wanted to reach out and say nice job… too often that isn’t shared. If only you could do something about that humidity. Good gosh!! Anyway good luck with the rest of your season events. Thank you.