Volunteers are crucial to help ensure the success of our events. There are several positions available from the day prior to the race and on race day.
Earn 25% – 100% discounts into your next race for your event support. Discounts are only applicable to your next race. Discounts are cumulative up to 100% but must be used in current season. All discounts must be used for current season races except for discounts related to the last race of the year which will carry forward to the next year.

There are many volunteer roles you can get involved with:

  • Athletes Services (packet pick up/finish line)
  • Transition security and support
  • Timing Crew support
  • Course Marshals
  • Water Stations
  • Event Operations Support

Please use the links below to sign up.

Volunteers need to be aged 16 and older.  For volunteers ages under 16, we ask that they volunteer with a trusted adult.

For further information or if would like to volunteer as a group if you or have any questions please contact Customer Service at