Is there a deadline for 2020 race transfer to 2021, 2022 or 2023?

YES! April 15th, 2021 is the final day that any 2020 race transfers can be made to 2021, 2022 or 2023. NO EXCEPTIONS.

What is the timing system used by HFP Racing?

All HFP Racing events are timed using the latest in RFID technology for our timing. All participants wear a small timing chip on their ankle during the entire event (swim, bike and run), which enables us to capture times at key locations live during the race. Participants are given a timing chip at the event, which must be returned after the event.

Does HFP Racing offer mail-in entries?

All HFP Racing events use online registration exclusively. No mail-in entries are available.

What is USA Triathlon (USAT)?

USA Triathlon is the national governing body for the sport of triathlon. All the events that HFP Racing produces and directs are sanctioned by USAT.

Participating in any HFP Racing event means that a participant must either be an annual member of USAT or they must purchase a special “one-day” USAT membership for the event. Being an annual member or a one-day member provides event organizers and participants with the necessary liability insurance coverage.

  • Annual Member: USAT annual memberships are available directly through USAT for $50. For information, please contact USA Triathlon by visiting their website at
  • One-Day Member: If you are not an annual member, you must purchase the special “one-day” USAT membership. Cost of the one-day membership is $15 ($10.00 age 17 & under annual membership) and it can be added on to any event registration entry fee. Failure to purchase in advance will result in the need to pay this $15 fee at packet pick-up.
What is your weather policy?

An HFP Racing owned or managed event may be delayed or cancelled due to adverse, inclement, or unsafe weather. Should the event be delayed, the starting time of the event will be moved back accordingly. The delay will be communicated to all participants.

The HFP Racing management team and local law enforcement has the authority to cancel an event. If cancellation of an event takes place, please follow instructions of the event officials and local law enforcement personnel. Your entry fee is not refundable if an event is cancelled due to adverse, inclement, or unsafe weather.

The Race Director also reserves the right to modify the course at any time before or during an event by his/her own judgment or if instructed by local law enforcement personnel or park officials.

What is HFP's refund policy?

NO CASH REFUNDS, NO EXCEPTIONS. 75% of HFP owned event entry fees may be credited to a future HFP Racing owned event (FIT Family Series, Toughman Ohio, American Triple T and the Ohio Fall Challenge) in the same calendar year.

A credit must be processed at least 14 days prior to the event through the TriRegistration registration page. A credit cannot be granted within 14 days of the event date. To process your credit, go to the TriRegistration website and log in, then choose the event you wish to make the change or credit with. The credit can only be transferred 1x. If you fail to race in the event you transferred into the credit expires. Contact if you have trouble.

What do I do with the timing chip if I drop out of the event and I don't cross the finish line?

Please bring the timing chip to the finish line and turn it in to a HFP Racing staff person. DO NOT turn it in to a volunteer. It must be returned to the finish line.

What are the USAT rules regarding wetsuit use?

The USAT rules governing the usage of wetsuits in races are as follows:

  1. Water temperature is 78 degrees or lower: Wetsuits may be worn
  2. Water temperature is between 79 degrees and 83 degrees: Wetsuits may be worn, HOWEVER, the participant is not eligible for any race awards and does not receive any USAT ranking points or series ranking points.
  3. Water temperature is 84 degrees or higher: Wetsuits are not allowed
Do I have to wear a wetsuit and how cold is the water?

Ohio lakes in the summer are usually 65-75 degrees and about 75% of the athletes racing wear a wetsuit. You can rent one for the weekend at, or borrow one or buy one; however, we highly suggest you swim in open water with the wetsuit on several times in order to feel how it compresses your body and swim stroke. Be sure to wear a size that fits you appropriately and safely.

When and where do I pick up my event packet?

Days and times vary by event, but in almost every case we offer packet pick-up the day before the event and then again on morning of the event. Packet pick-up information for each event will be posted on the individual race page.

Do I have to pick up my own event packet?

Photo ID and USAT card (if applicable) is required at packet pick-up. You and only you can pick up your race packet. If you arrive at the race site without photo ID, you will have to participate as a spectator only. Sorry, USAT does not allow us to give you your race packet.

Are all open water swim events wave starts?

Yes, we use a 3 person time trial swim start organized by event category (Age Groups, Clydesdale, Elite, etc.) and race distance (mini, sprint and olympic). We send 3 participants into the water every 5-10 seconds depending on ability level.

For open water swim starts, do we start on shore or in the water?

In almost every case, HFP Racing events start from the beach/shoreline. We will provide you with that information either prior to event day or on event morning.

How do pool swim triathlons work?

Pool swim triathlons have become an important part of the triathlon scene in recent years. Pool swim races allow us to begin the triathlon season earlier than normal, and also allow us to utilize venues that have no open water options.

For pool swims, when you register, submit an estimated swim time. Then we will seed everyone starting with the fastest swimmer to the slowest based on these swim times.

At the race, participants begin the swim in seeded order, one person at a time. Participants begin every 3–5 seconds. Participants “serpentine” their way across the pool — down and back in each lane, then under the lane line to start the next lap — covering the required distance when they exit the pool.

Do I have to finish an event within a certain time frame?

Yes — most of our races have cut-off times for completing races. These cut-off times are in place for the benefit of volunteers and police. In all cases, these cut-off times are very lenient — allowing virtually everyone to finish our events. The following are cut-off times for most HFP Racing events: Mini — 2hr, Sprint — 2hr 30min, Olympic — 4hr 30min, Half — 8hr 00min.

Can we sign up for events as a relay team?

Yes, relay teams are welcome at most events. At most of the events where relays are allowed you may participate with a team of two (duathlon) OR three members (triathlon).

Are official results sent to USA Triathlon?

Yes, we automatically send the official results to the USAT national office (for national ranking points), as well as to the USAT regional office (for regional ranking points).

Where do I find results after an event?

Results are posted after each event at the race site at the awards tent AND on the Race Results page for the current year on HFP’s website.

What is "Drafting" and "Blocking" on the bike course?

Consult and download the rules information posted. (Please see Section 5.10 for “Position Fouls” on the bike.)

  • Drafting—keep at least three bike lengths of clear space between you and the cyclist in front. If you move into the zone, you must pass within 15 seconds.
  • Position—keep to the right-hand side of the lane of travel unless passing.
  • Blocking—riding on the left side of the lane without passing anyone and interfering with other cyclists attempting to pass.
  • Overtaken—once passed, you must immediately exit the draft zone from the rear, before attempting to pass again.
Will there be aid stations on the run course?

All HFP Racing events have aid stations every mile on the run course, regardless of the length of the event.

Will there be aid stations on the bike course?

If it’s a mini (aka super sprint), sprint or Olympic distance event, there will not be any water bottle hand-off locations. Only at the American Triple-T and Toughman Ohio events typically we’ll have one water bottle hand-off location every 15 miles.

Why does HFP start the shorter distances first?

Running 4 different distances requires HFP to run the races in shortest to longest distance order, for the best overall logistics and safety to all our participants. Starting the shorter races first eliminates dangerous merge (and break off) points on the bike course and reduces confusion when faster participants start catching slower participants in the shorter distance races. There is only a maximum of 45 minutes between the first and last starters in the race which is not a significant enough time for the temperature difference to become a major factor.

Can I wear headphones during the race?

NO — Headphones, headsets, Walkmans, iPods, mp3 players, etc. are not to be carried or worn at any time during the race.

Do I have to finish within a certain time?

Yes — cut-off times are in place for the benefit of volunteers and police. In all cases, these cut-off times are very lenient — allowing virtually everyone to finish the event. Super Sprint — 2hr, Sprint — 2hr 30min, Olympic — 4hr 30min.

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