Welcome to HFP Racing and the Race for the State of Ohio Triathlon, Duathlon and Aquabike Series Cup! All multisport races produced by our team and listed website, except for the OU Race For Reason, will be scored for series points!  With 7 multisport races throughout Ohio, there are more racing options for more athletes to win their division on the State of Ohio Triathlon, Duathlon and Aquabike Series Cup!

In addition to our standard divisions, in 2024, we have added additional events and series categories athletes can compete to be a series winner – First Responders (Police, Fire, EMS, & Military) and Collegiate.

Individuals who compete in a minimum of 5 scored events in the same category in 2024 are eligible for series awards (Relays are not scored). Aquabike, Duathlon, 1st Responders, and Collegiate we will have overall scoring by gender only. For any scored event in which one receives a “disqualification” (DQ) or a “did not finish” (DNF) one will receive zero (0) points. For an event to count towards one’s 5 scored events one must complete all disciplines for their event.


Remember – only the 5 HIGHEST scores in the series in the same year are counted together. You must compete in at least 5 HFP Multisport events to qualify for series awards.  Aquabike will be scored with awards going to the top 5 Overall, but they do not count towards the triathlon category and are NOT eligible for the Overall Cycling kits.

Athletes can participate in any distance and change distances throughout the season but must participate in the same category regardless of race distance to be eligible for series awards.  However, longer distances are weighted much greater than shorter distance race (i.e., Olympic is higher points value than Sprint, Sprint is higher points value than Mini distance)

***   See Race Categories, Division, Rules, and Race Weights and scoring below *****

2024 Series Awards

  • Top 5 Overall (M & F)
  • Top 5 Age Group (M & F) – 15 & under, 16-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75-79, 80+
  • Top 5 Athena
  • Top 5 Clydesdale
  • Top 5 1st Responders (M & F)
  • Top 5 Collegiate (M & F)
  • Top 5 Aquabike Overall (M & F)
  • Top 5 Duathlon Overall (M&F)

Qualifiers Rewards

Qualifications Rules and Stage Qualifiers!

The Top 5 Overall Men & Women in the Triathlon Series (NOT age group/category or aquabike) will be awarded custom Pactimo HFP Racing Cycling Jerseys & Bib Shorts!


Any athlete who participates in a minimum of five (5) 2024 HFP Racing events will qualify for Series scoring and qualifier rewards.

Series Awards – Each athlete placing in the top 5 of each age group or category (with 5 races) will receive a commemorative award and HFP quarter zip hoodie.

2024 Race Categories

Participants who must declare a category of Age Group, Clydesdale, Athena,  Collegiate and 1st Responder must compete in that category the entire year to be eligible for series awards. Here is a description of each category:

Age Group

  • Participants will automatically compete in their respective age group unless they declare   to compete in one of the other specific categories.
  • If you choose to compete in an Age Group, you must remain in your age group for the  entire event season determined by the USAT “aging up” policy for season.

Clydesdale and Athena

  • Men 220 lbs. and over; Women 165 lbs and over
  • If you choose to race Clydesdale, you must remain as so for the entire event season.
  • If during the season your weight drops below 220 lbs (Clydesdale) or 165 lbs (Athena). –  you may switch to another category for other HFP Racing events, HOWEVER, you will start over in series points. In other words, you will not be able to transfer your points  into your age group category.

First Responder – Includes Law Enforcement, Fire/EMS, Military Active & Veteran


  • Undergraduate and Post-Graduate students are eligible.
  • If graduated in most recent Spring semester are eligible for collegiate division
  • Must have been enrolled at minimum the previous semester (Spring Semester) with a minimum of a quarter course load.


  • Anyone may race in the Aquabike category
  • Series scoring for the Aquabike is based on Overall finish not Age Group

Physically Challenged

  • PT categories refer to those with physical impairments, such as athletes with impaired range of movement or amputee athletes who use approved prosthesis (for example, a specialty prosthetic leg known as a running blade) or other supportive devices during the bike and run segments.
  • Scoring for the PC category is based on Overall finish not Age Group

2024 Race Weights and Scoring

Event weights for 2024 will be roughly based on criteria established by USA Triathlon for the purpose of administering their national rankings system. All HFP Racing events will be weighted based on distance and overall size of event as well as special status (Bonus points race, for example) The event weight index will be used to calculate scores for all participants (See Scoring below).


Distance Distance Factor Bonus #1 Bonus #2 Bonus #3
Mini 100
Sprint 110
Olympic 120
Special Bonus Distance + XX Pleasant Valley + 0.10 Maumee + 0.25 Buck Creek +0.10


Event Scoring Details

 All finish times by a given distance will be divided by average time to create raw scores.

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