AJ Baucco Coaching Programs

with HFP Racing’s Shannon Kurek

HFP/AJ Baucco Coaching Partnership


AJ Baucco Coaching is world class triathlon coaching for age group athletes of all ability levels. We specialize in Full Service Triathlon Coaching, but we also create Focused Training Plans for athletes that like a more hands off approach. Feel free to contact us with any questions or to set up an informational phone call.

Not sure which service is right for you? We’ll ask you a few questions and guide you to the right service.

About Coach Shannon Kurek

Shannon Kurek

HFP/AJ Baucco Coaching is led by HFP’s founder, Shannon Kurek. Born and raised in Mansfield, Ohio, Coach Shannon started his athletic career as a varsity wrestler at Mansfield Madison and finished his wrestling career with an 82-15 record. While still in High School, Coach Shannon was introduced to the sport that would forever change his life. Triathlon gave him an opportunity to continue his athletic career and fuel his passion for competitive sports. As the founder of HFP Racing, Coach Shannon has been able to closely watch the sport of triathlon over the last 3 decades go from a fledgling sport for non-traditional athletes to a main stream sport with supporting technology and major advancements in training. Coach Shannon has also been involved with youth sports in several different capacities including youth wrestling and basketball coaching.

Shannon has had tremendous success as a age group triathlete, finishing on the overall podium in over 250 regional races in Ohio, two top 10 finishes in the ITU Sprint Triathlon World Championships (Chicago and Cozumel), 7 podium finishes at the USA Triathlon National Championships and two-time Age Group National Champion in 2015 (Sprint Distance) and 2019 (Long Distance). He is a perennial USA Triathlon All American and has qualified for Team USA more than 10 times, as well as the Ironman World Championship in Kona. Shannon brings an elite age group athlete’s perspective to AJ Baucco Coaching.

Interested in being coached by Shannon? Contact Coach Shannon directly at ajbcoaching@hfpracing.com or 740-963-4285

About Our Program

What’s Included in Full Service Triathlon Coaching

  • Consultation
    We will get to know each new athlete through an initial athlete questionnaire, email exchanges, and an initial phone conversation.
  • Season Planning & Daily Workout Scheduling
    We will develop a detailed plan that outlines time, volume, and intensity benchmarks for each day / week in a cycle. Our season plan will be shared with an athlete and will provide the athlete with information on how we intend to build fitness throughout the season.
  • Heart Rate Testing
    We constantly monitor each athlete’s heart rate data during training and racing. Initially, we set specific training zones based on heart rate testing, and then we update those zones as necessary throughout the season.
  • Detailed Fueling Plans
    These plans are specific to the athlete’s sweat rate and caloric needs for all race distances. After executing a “sweat test”, we analyze the results to determine accurate hydration needs. The fueling plans include specific instructions for exactly what to eat and drink on race day.
  • Detailed Pacing Plans
    We give specific pacing instructions for every race on an athlete’s schedule. All pacing plans are detailed and are based off heart rate, pace, and power (if applicable). We leave nothing to change on race day!
  • Unlimited Communication & Rescheduling
    There are no restrictions placed on the amount or type of communication that an athlete may have with his/her coach. Training scheduled will be changed at any time at the athlete’s request.
  • Training & Racing Feedback
    Feedback is given on any training session where instruction / encouragement is warranted or when the athlete asks a question. Each race is analyzed by the coach. Feedback typically comes in the form of an email response, a voice recording, or a phone conversation.
  • Video Analysis
    An athlete may send a video or may set up an appointment to have video taken by a coach for analysis in any of the three disciplines. Swim video analysis occurs the most frequently.
  • Instructional Videos & Training Documents
    We give all our athletes access to our library of training / racing / nutrition documents and also a variety of instructional videos covering swim drills / technique, run mechanics, strength movements, and more.
  • Discounts from Triathlon Companies
    Each athlete will receive discounts to a long list of triathlon specific companies. These discounts range from 15% to 60% and cover just about everything you may need to compete.
  • Website Access & Online Billing
    All athletes are given a profile on ajbcoaching.com where they can share pictures, race schedules and results. We also utilize automatic billing through the website. Coaching payments can be set to recur ever 1 week, 2 weeks, or 4 weeks.

Program Cost

Start Up Fee: $150

One-time payment due before an athlete’s start date.
This fee covers all of the work that goes into getting an athlete started with
AJ Baucco Coaching (initial phone conversations, season planning, etc.)


Full Service Fee: $300 every 4 weeks

Notice: There is a 3% surcharge associated with online billing that is added to all transactions.


*Toughman Ohio, American Triple-T, FIT Family Series and Deer Creek Fall Challenge

Interested in being coached by Shannon? Contact Coach Shannon directly at ajbcoaching@hfpracing.com or 740-963-4285