Thanks for putting on yet another terrific event! I can always count on HFP Racing events to be well organized, safe, and fun.

Erin Queen City Triathlon finisher 2023

Just so you know, you have one of the best organized races I've participated in. I look forward to next summer! Thanks much.


Comment after HFP sent out a list of items left at a race to claim: “I have all mine - But just wanted to say thanks for putting this email out there - This is why I keep supporting HFP after all these years !!”

Nate Loman

First time racing at Portage Lakes and truly loved the course. One of my favorite race venues in the HFP series!


Thank you all for an excellent summer of racing. HFP does a great job each and every race, and I'm very appreciative of all hard work that you, your staff and volunteers who give their time and make the experience that much more enjoyable. Thank you for making the summer more amazing!

Matt Dombroski

I want to thank you for a great race and excellent course that was created for the fall challenge. As always, you and your staff did top-shelf work.  I appreciate HFP and will always support you.

I will always support HFP. Thank you!!

Brian M.

I really enjoyed racing the mini-du series this year with HFP! The mini-du got me reconnected with all my Ohio multisport friends, plus the shorter distance format allowed for faster recovery and provided a competitive environment with many new, as well as, experienced athletes. Thank you!

Bruce Miller

HFP races are magical and everyone, from ironman triathletes to beginners should support local independent race groups like HFP in Ohio! I encourage all triathletes to do a HFP sprint or olympic race!

Teresa F. FIT Family Series - Vermilion Harbor 2018 Finisher

I can't say it enough how much I appreciate all you guys do with the putting on the races, but especially the Sherod Park, Vermilion, Ohio race. HFP Racing is so safety thoughtful and making it fun enjoyable and great, friendly competition. I just want to say to the entire HFP staff and Kurek family that you are amazing!

Daniel Smith, PR Multisport owner, coach and athlete


Just a quick note to thank all involved with putting on another nice event. I’ve only been able to fit one tri in this season, and I missed all of last year (broke a nice string of many years-in-a-row doing HFP events). But I noticed some minor and some major tweaks over the years to make the events better and better. I appreciate the attention to details, upgrades, etc. That does make a difference to racers of all levels. Little things like, good tunes (AC/DC) at the race start, well marked courses, race results, etc. etc. And I love as I get a little (lot) older, you have moved us up in the start slightly — makes us still feel a part of the race.

Just wanted to reach out and say nice job… too often that isn’t shared. If only you could do something about that humidity. Good gosh!! Anyway good luck with the rest of your season events. Thank you.

Jeff Stauch FIT Family Series - Alum Creek 2018 Finisher

I just wanted to follow up to say we had an excellent experience on Sunday at the Mason Tri. All 3 of us beat our personal goals and I thought HFP did a really nice job setting everything up and running the event. We had previously decided to just do one tri this year, but are now considering doing a second one.  Again, thanks for a great race day experience, though I'm not sure you get credit for the awesome weather.

Mason Tri-umphant Finisher 2018

I want to thank all of your crew for a wonderful experience. You put on a super race. I overcame my fears of cycling on the roads. and my race went far better than my goals were for my first tri.  It all added up to a totally positive and victorious experience. Please thank all of your crew for me. I will be doing HFP races in the future just based on how well things were done today. Thanks for also giving up a Sunday to see a bunch of sweaty old geezers like me compete.

Rodney Pierce Mason Tri-umphant Finisher 2018

Thank you so much – it was an awesome race – thanks for all your support and the little details to make it accessible to everyone.

Will join you again soon!

Brian FIT Family Series - Alum Creek 2018 Finisher

“I just wanted to write to say 'Thank you for another amazing race season!"  I live in Cleveland and there are no better races in Cleveland and in all of Ohio than the HFP Races.  I love them! My training group loves them! We all love them!  Hope you have a great winter break and I hope you will be ready for the 'Cleveland Crew' in 2024!  …'cause we are coming back and we are bringing 'reinforcements!'
THANKS again!”

Megan 2023 Age Group Participant

“I just wanted to say 'Thank You' for a great event at Caesar Creek State Park. My boys, Nicholas and Dylan, participated in their first Kidz Tri and it was absolutely wonderful.”

Dwight Parent of Caesar Creek Park finishers

“This year I did my first triathlon ever, and lucky enough it was with HFP! WOW! What a great first experience; from all the wonderful volunteers to the smoothness of the event and how well it flowed. 10/10 experience and I am officially addicted 🙂 Thank you again for such a wonderful race day experience!!!!”


“Just wanted to drop you guys a line and tell you how much I enjoyed the Alum Creek Tri. Loved the course. Flat, smooth and simple rectangular bike course was the highlight for me. Hands down, the smoothest roads I have ever ridden.
The new timing service is the best and gives everyone all the info that they want at their fingertips within an hour or so of the completion of the race.
Keep up the great work. All us triathletes really appreciate it!”

David Katz FIT Family Series Athlete

“My son, Brock, participated in all but Alum and Portage Lakes for the Fit Family series this season. He also ran the Mini at the Deer Creek Fall Challenge this past weekend. Brock is visually and hearing impaired and finding safe (and well ran) events is extremely difficult living in Pittsburgh. This is his 4th season of racing and Deer Creek was his 26th race since he began at age 7. We also run the Rev3/Challenge series through out the year, but none come close to the consistent excellence and level of safety we have found at the HFP events. The staff at each event is always very nice and professional. Thank you all so much for making this season Brock's best yet & we all look very forward to continuing to participate at your events in the 2016 season. Great Job!!”

Grant Kitterman Parent of 2015 FIT Family Series Athlete

“Hello, I just wanted to send a message and let you know how much I enjoyed the race. I did this same race 4 years ago and it did not compare to the quality of race that you offered this year. Kudos to HFP for putting on a really enjoyable event! Thanks so much.”

Karmi James 2016 Portage Lakes finisher

“I really enjoyed helping and was honored to just be there. I love the volunteers when I race and now have true understanding of how hard they work. How much there is to do. I will see you soon at some races, where I'll be actually racing. I thank you again.”

Chris Hale 2017 Athlete & Volunteer

“I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed volunteering yesterday, and how much I loved working the run transition spot. I loved getting to see the athletes throughout the race — coming in from the swim, heading out on their run, and finally finishing...having the opportunity to cheer them on and hopefully give them a little needed encouragement. It was such a great experience...one that I look forward to participating in again!

“Thank you so much for the opportunity!! ”

Jen S. 2016 Portage Lakes finisher & HFP volunteer

“This was my first time racing with HFP. I cannot began to express how impressed I was with the event organization, friendliness of the staff, and overall setup of the race. You guys rock and I look forward to racing with you again next year.”

Christine Age Group Athlete

“This is the first time I have done this race & must say it was an awesome experience! The atmosphere was like no other, supportive volunteers & run very smoothly down to the impromptu national anthem....will be back! Top notch!”

Beth Gabhart

“Awesome event, and crazy hard. All great changes proposed for next year. Thanks for putting on such a fantastic event at such a reasonable price. We had an absolute blast. What a beautiful part of the country!”

Carrie Hughston 2017 American Triple-T finisher

Thank you and your staff for all that you do to put on the best races. We've done many of your races from triathlons to trail races and they are always very well-organized. It is very noticeable that you care about our experience and that there has been a great amount of thought and attention to detail has gone into them. ”  

Jim & Anna Zhou 2023 Season

“Thank you so much for putting on such a great race! Was my first year participating and I'm certain I'll be back in the future.”

Henry New Triathlete

“I participated in both HFP triathlons and trail races and each race was very well organized. HFP triathlons and trail races have a great grass roots atmosphere keeping it low-key/low stress and tons of fun .”

Zach Triathlete and Trail Runner

“HFP Racing is, simply put, the premier multisport racing company in Ohio and beyond. It is run by dedicated, experienced professionals who truly care about delivering a positive endurance sports experience for every athlete--regardless of ability or experience level!”

Dan Z. HFP Series Participant

“I want to say thank you for a great season of racing. All races were well organized, courses marked well with great support by police and volunteers.  I loved the awards and finishers medals this year. The red carpet at the finish was fantastic and helped to make every finisher feel special.  Job well done! Will keep coming back for your races — top notch!”

Emily HFP Series Participant 2023

“The race at Deer Creek today was outstanding. It was very well organized and managed. I loved the awards and the t-shirt. The shirt had a fresh, original design with no ads on the back! I have been racing for 55 years, and this was one of the best events I have seen.”

Rich Wallace FIT Family Deer Creek State Park finisher

“Awesome, thanks Jen! I've been doing HFP races for many years and have always thought you do things the right way! Just another example.”

Matt Whitlow

“Thank you all so much for running the Independence Day Triathlon in Worthington. It was my first experience and you made it all very comfortable. I felt very safe on the bike ride even though it was on busy streets. The swim was very easy in that pool (beats the heck out of a lake swim for me). And of course the Olentangy Trail is a great place for the run. I just wanted you to know that I appreciated your work and will definitely tell my friends about your event.
Thanks again,”

Pamela Merz, your most senior citizen and last place finisher (although I DID win my age group) Independence Day Triathlon finisher

“I wanted to send a thank you from me and my family for holding the race this past weekend. Please pass this along to the race director from the City of Worthington. I work on the recreation commission and my husband with council for our city, and I know it's not always easy to get everyone's support for an event like this. No matter how much information you put out there about road closures and traffic restrictions, there are people who miss it and complain. Since sometimes the only feedback you get is the negative feedback, we want to make sure you and the city received positive feedback too! The volunteers were great and the course perfect. The pool swim allowed my daughter to do her first triathlon! We also spent the weekend there, staying a night at the Holiday Inn in Worthington and shopping and eating in town as well. Thanks again for putting on this race and we hope to see you there next year, where my son hopes to do his first triathlon!”

Lynn Streetz Hallum, Chris, Roy, and Stacy Hallum Independence Day Triathlon finisher

“Thank you for a great summer. After shoulder surgery 2 years ago I wasn't sure if I would ever be able to participate again. Your Fit Family mini series was just what I needed to get back into the sport. After a recent training accident on my bike (broken clavicle that took a plate and 7 screws to repair), my season had ended premature. I'm already looking forward to next season. Thanks Again,”

Greg Cook

“I'd like to say that it was a wonderful event!! I participated in the Linwood event many times, but this was my first time at the Sherod Park location. It was also the first HFP race that I made it over to the pre-race prayer and I absolutely loved that aspect. It was a great and calming moment before the race.
The photographer captured an amazing moment I had with my son at the finish line. I would love to give the photographer credit on social media if he has his own business. So if you have his contact, I can give him a shoutout.”

M. Holtwick 2017 Sherod Park finisher

“Nice work team. Great race. Timing was great, course was well marked and the organization was apparent. The bike course had some challenging components, but overall was a lot of fun to ride. Congrats on a great race and thank you.”

Jason Ohio Fall Challenge Finisher