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2024 State of Ohio Triathlon, Duathlon & Aquabike Series –


June 1-2, 2024

The 2024 State of Ohio Multisport series kicks off with the Deer Creek Triathlon, Duathlon & Aquabike on Sunday, June 2, 2024.  The event features a distance for all ability levels, whether you’re an experienced multisport athlete or looking for a great course for your first triathlon, the Deer Creek Triathlon, Duathlon & Aquabike is the race for you. There are multiple distances – Mini, Sprint & Olympic and multiple divisions from Age Group, Athena/Clydesdale, Collegiate and 1st Responders (Police, Fire, EMS and Military – active and veteran) to choose!

Deer Creek State Park is located just 20 miles south of Columbus, Ohio off I-71. The field is limited to 700 total participants in the adult races on Sunday, June 4.

The Deer Creek Youth Triathlon & Duathlon takes place on Saturday, June 1 and is limited to 100 youth participants.

Join us the 1st weekend of June for a great multisport weekend of FUN!

“Skip the Tee, Plant a Tree” Program

We can live without a t-shirt, but we can’t live without trees. This year, when you register for our multisport races and certain trail runs at Ohio State Parks, you will have the option to select “Tree” over a “T-shirt size.”

When you select “Tree,” instead of a t-shirt, we will donate the cost of your t-shirt to the Ohio State Park Foundation.


Race Packet Pick-Up

See Packet pick-up tab.

There is NO RACE DAY REGISTRATION — packet pickup ONLY


All finishers will receive a handsome finisher amenity.

  • The Top 3 Male, Female, & Non-Binary OVERALL FINISHERS in the Mini, Sprint & Olympic triathlons and duathlons races will receive a commemorative award.
  • 1st Place finisher in each AGE GROUP, DIVISION(Athena/Clydesdale, 1st Responder, Collegiate)  & PARATRIATHLON** Male & Female in the Mini, Sprint and Olympic triathlons will receive an award commemorating their finish.
  • The top relay team in each race will receive a commemorative award.
  • For Aquabike, ONLY the top overall finisher male and female will receive a commemorative plaque noting their finish.
  • There are no awards for the Elite divisions, outside of Top 3 Male & Female Overall Race Distance Finishers.

There are no awards for the Youth races. All youth finishers receive a finishers amenity.

** HFP Racing supports the USA Paratriathlon Classifications. If you have any questions or require any special assistance, please contact us at customerservice@hfpracing.com.

Race Distances

Saturday Distances (Youth)

  • 10 & Under Triathlon: 100y Swim – 3 mi Bike – .50 mi Run
  • 10 & Under Duathlon: .25mi Run – 3 mi Bike – .50 mi Run
  • Ages 11-15 Triathlon: 200y Swim – 6 mi Bike – 1 mi Run
  • Ages 11-15 Duathlon: .50mi Run – 6 mi Bike – 1 mi Run

Sunday Distances

  • Mini Triathlon: 250y Swim – 7 mi Bike – 2mi Run
  • Mini Duathlon: 2 mi Run – 7 mi Bike – 2mi Run
  • Sprint Triathlon: 750m Swim – 18k Bike – 5k Run
  • Sprint Duathlon: 5K Run – 18k Bike – 5k Run
  • Olympic Triathlon: 1500m Swim – 38k Bike – 10k Run
  • Olympic Duathlon: 5k Run – 38k Bike – 10k Run
  • Aquabike Distances are identical to the selected triathlon distance for swim and bike (Ex/Sprint Aquabike 750m swim+18K bike)


For those who prefer to race one element of the triathlon or duathlon we offer a relay division for our sprint and Olympic distance triathlons and duathlons. Relay teams consist of three (3) members (1 swimmer, 1 biker, 1 runner), each member will complete one segment of the race (2 members for duathlon teams).  Each team member will exchange their timing chip bracelet at their assigned bike rack. There are NO age groups in this division.

About the State of Ohio Multisport Series

Welcome to Ohio’s premier triathlon, duathlon, and multisport series. Throughout the summer, the series visits seven beautiful venues across the State of Ohio – from North to South. Each venue features an exciting course and scenic view of the park. Each venue will feature a triathlon, duathlon, and aquabike on Sunday and several venues will play host to other events on Saturday. So whether you’re racing to be a series champion or giving multisport racing a try for the first time, the State of Ohio Multisport Series is for YOU! It’s ALL ABOUT FUN!

In 2024, we are excited to announce that  all series races will be scored for series points!  With 7 multisport races throughout Ohio, there are more racing options for more athletes to win their division on the State of Ohio Triathlon, Duathlon and Aquabike Series Cup!

In addition to our standard divisions, in 2024, we have added additional divisions First Responders (Police, Fire, EMS, & Military) and Collegiate.

Save time and money by registering for the entire Series!

Packet Pick Up 

1. Date: Saturday – Youth Races
Time: 7:45 am – 8:45 am
Location: Deer Creek State Park – Beach Parking Area

2. Date: Sunday
Time: 5:45 am – 7:15 am
Location: Deer Creek State Park – Beach Parking Area
Pre-Race Meeting: Approximately 7:00 am

Race Site Address: 14403 Crownover Mill Rd
Mount Sterling, Ohio 43145

Please Note: All participants must collect his/ her own event packet. Photo ID is required in order to collect event materials. NO ID = NO EVENT.  HINT if you take a photo of your ID with your phone, that will be sufficient for photo ID purposes. 

Pre-Race Meeting: A brief pre-race meeting  will take place on race morning at approximately 7:30 am located near the transition area. Additionally, before each swim wave, the swim starter will briefly go over the course. We are always available for questions, there will not be time for extensive Q&A before the race so we encourage you to review all race information on the website.

Please see Terms & Conditions before registering.

RaceThrough 1/31/242/1/24 to 3/31/244/01/24 to 4/30/245/1/24 - Race Day
Mini Tri/Du$65$75$85$90
Sprint Tri/Du$85$90$100$105
Sprint Tri/Du Relay$95$100$110$120
Olympic Tri/Du$95$105$110$120
Olympic Tri/Du Relay$120$130$140$150
Youth Tri/Du$35$40$45$50

* Prices above reflect cost for USAT Annual Members and all participants MUST have a valid USAT license (annual or one-day).
If you are not a USAT member, adults may purchase a one-day membership for the event at $15 or an annual membership for $50. Youth (17 & under) may purchase an annual membership for $10.

  • Registration fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Fees listed above do not include the online TriRegistration processing fee.
  • USA Triathlon Rule 3.2a. All age group athletes must participate and compete in the age group division corresponding to the athlete’s age on December 31 of the year of the event.
  • If using a discount or sale code, only one code can be used per transaction.


Official Race T-shirt (if registered at least 20 days prior to event date), Goodie Bag, Post Race Food & Beverages, and ALL finishers will receive a handsome Finishers Medal (including all relay team members).

Download the T-Shirt Sizing Chart here

Deer Creek Weekend Schedule

Saturday, June 3Sunday, June 4
7:45am – 8:45am – Youth Packet Pickup5:45am – 7:15am – Adults Race Packet Pickup
9:00am – Boys: Ages 11-15 Triathlon
9:05am - Girls: Ages 11-15 Triathlon
7:15 am - Event Formation begins
9:30am - Youth Duathlon: All ages7:15 am Transition Closes
10:00am - Boys: Ages 10 & Under Triathlon
10:05am - Girls: Ages 10 & Under Triathlon
7:30 am Event Start

Deer Creek Triathlon Start Times

Sunday, June 4
5:45am – 7:15am – Transition area open
7:30am – Olympic Triathlon Waves
7:45am – Sprint Triathlon Waves
7:45am – All Duathletes (Mini, Sprint and Olympic)
8:00am – Mini Triathlon Waves

USA Triathlon Sanctioning

  • All HFP Racing Multisports events are USA Triathlon sanctioned.
  • USAT’s Most Commonly Violated Rules: If you are new to the sport or are wondering why you got a penalty at your last race,
    read USAT’s most commonly violated rules. After each event in our series that has an USAT Official present we will post the Official USAT Referee’s Report on the Results Page for that event.
  • Need to print a USAT membership card? Click HERE.

USAT Age-Up Policy

How the “Aging Up” situation will be handled for those people changing age groups during the course of the year:

HFP Racing’s Ohio Triathlon & Duathlon Series scoring coincides with the USAT “aging up” policy. Participants will compete in whichever age group they would be in as of the 31st of December in the year of the race.  In other words, everyone’s age group for the current season will be determined by their age on December 31st of the year they are racing.

Example: Jane Smith is 34 during the entire 2022 racing season, but turns 35 on Dec. 15th, 2022. Jane will then compete in the 35-39 age group for the entire 2022 season for all events.

USAT Wetsuit Rules

All HFP Racing Series events will follow the wetsuit guidelines set forth by USA Triathlon. Those guidelines state:

  • USAT rules state that competitors may wear wetsuits if the water temperature is 78 degrees or lower.
  • USAT rules also state that if the water temperature is between 78.1 – 83.9 degrees, competitors may wear wetsuits but will not be eligible for awards. HFP Racing Series will have a separate category for those who choose to wear a wetsuit in this temperature range. Those athletes who choose to wear a wetsuit will not be reflected in the overall results.
  • If the water temperature is 84 degrees or above, participants may NOT wear wetsuits.

Expected water temperatures will be posted via our Twitter feed page 12-24 hrs before each event.  Average water temperature for the Ohio Fall Challenge at Deer Creek reservoir has been an average of 76 degree.


Coming in the weekend of the event? Make it a family affair and stay at the Deer Creek Lodge and Conference Center.  From Golf, hiking, canoeing to many more onsite activities there is something for the entire family.

Visit Deer Creek Park Lodge for details and reservations.


The event site is the Deer Creek State Park Beach, 14403 Crownover Mill Rd, New Holland, OH 43145.

Race Information

  • Is this your first race? Welcome to the sport and the HFP Racing and Greenswell Events family!
  • All athletes receive a great race, a super comfy race shirt, finisher’s medal, post race food/drink, high-fives and sore muscles!
  • Race categories available for this race are Age Group, Aquabike (swim-bike-done!), Clydesdale, Athena and Relay Teams.
  • All HFP Racing races are USA Triathlon sanctioned events. You’ll be included in their National Ranking as well as support the US Olympic Team.
  • All HFP Racing race registrations are non-refundable. Race registration insurance is available during the registration process.
  • All registered athletes will receive an email on the Wednesday or Thursday before the race with all the information pertaining to their entry to include any last minute details to make your race weekend go smoothly!
  • Spectators – We love when family and friends cheer you on! You’ll watch your athlete start & finish the Swim/Bike/Run and hug them at the finish line!

Parking Information

Athlete and spectator parking is located at the main beach parking lots. However, once the event begins no vehicles will be permitted to leave the parking area until the last bike re-enters the park or law enforcement allows vehicles to exit.

If you or family members must leave before the last bike re-enters the park, please park in the overflow lot – 1st road to your right when you enter the park. No parking in the grass.

Race Number & Sticker Kits

The race number you receive at packet pickup should be worn during the bike and run portion of the event. This will help identify who is participating in the event and also will help identify you to volunteers, team members, other athletes and emergency personnel.

You will receive a sticker kit containing 3 numbers that match your race number. Each sticker has a purpose – 1 sticker is for your bike, 1 sticker is for your bike helmet, and 3rd sticker (if available) is for your gear bag (only applicable in a two-transition event).

Body Marking

No Required. There is no body marking.

Timing Chips

All events produced and timed by HFP Racing are timed with Race Results Chip Equipment. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the following procedures to insure successful timing of your event:

  1. All participants will receive their Timing Chip at packet pick up (athlete check-in). You are REQUIRED to show your paper Bib number in order to receive you timing chip.  Our Volunteers are human so please double check that your timing chip number matched your bib number.
  2. Along with the timing chip participants will receive a Velcro ankle strap. For those participants who have their own neoprene strap they may use that for holding the timing chip.
  3. Relay Teams will exchange their timing chip at their bike rack located in the transition area (swimmer to biker and biker to runner).
  4. It is REQUIRED that all participants wear the timing chip on their LEFT ankle.

How to wear the timing chip with the provided neoprene Velcro strap:

  1. Thread the loose strap through the timing chip and securely fasten the Velcro
  2. The chip should be in a small “pocket” on the chip strap.
  3. Place the strap around your LEFT ankle
  4. Give the chip a firm pull, it should remain securely fastened
  5. Double check that strap is fastened correctly and securely as loss of timing chip will results in a bill of $35



You will be assessed a $35 charge for your chip if not returned.

Transition Area

Triathletes may enter the transition area at the posted start time of race morning packet pick-up. All bikes must be racked 15-minutes before the start of the first swim wave. Bike racks are identified by distance and triathletes must put their bicycles and gear in their designated bicycle location.

Each bike rack can hold 4 bikes, as such each athletes space is approximately 3 feet wide and 3 feet long. Once your bike is in place your space left for use is approximately the same size as a standard bath towel.

After racking your bike, proceed to the athlete check-in area located near the transition area and obtain your race number, timing chip, etc.  Please body mark yourself at least 1/2 hour before the race.


  1. Bike storage will NOT be provided the night before the event.
  2. Glass containers are NOT allowed in the transition area.
  3. Only triathletes and transition workers are allowed in the transition area. Please advise your family and friends that they will need to remain outside of the transition area.
  4. You MUST rack your bike on race morning. First come first serve any rack that does not already have 4 bikes on it.
  5. Participants will NOT be allowed to mount their bikes in the transition area and will be required to dismount at the designated spot outside the transition area.
  6. Triathletes must show their race number to remove their bicycle and gear from the transition area after the race.

Race Flow

  1. Swim – When triathletes finish the swim portion of the race, they will enter the transition area and proceed to their designated bicycle rack (relay teams make their exchange at their designated rack number). Each triathletes swim time will end when they cross the timing mat located near the swim exit. NOTE: DUATHLETES – when duathletes complete their 1st run they will enter transition and proceed to their designated bicycle rack to transition to the biking leg of the race.
  2. Bike – Bikes may NOT be ridden in the transition area. It is important to use extreme caution when departing the transition area, it is may be very congested! All athletes must put on their helmet and snap the strap before mounting their bike. The helmet on and buckled until they dismount and rack their bike. Not following the helmet rules may result in a disqualification (DQ). Bike times will start when athletes depart the transition area through the ‘Bike Out’ chute and end when they re-enter the transition area through the ‘Bike In’ chute in the transition area. Once the bike portion is completed, athletes will return their bike to their designated spot in the transition area.
  3. Run – All athletes depart the transition area by exiting through the ‘Run Out’ chute. Athletes run time will begin when they depart the transition area at ‘Run Out’ and end when they cross the finish line.

Water Temperature and Wetsuits

The top two questions we receive about our events is what is the water temperature and are wetsuits allowed. Since one answer usually answers the other the explanations for both are bundled together for you here.

Water Temperature
The water temperature for each open water event is taken and posted on Twitter 24 hours before the posted packet pick-up time. This temperature reading is a preliminary reading. The official water temperature will be taken on race morning about 60-90 minutes prior to race start by the Race Director or the USAT official on site.

As per USAT rules, if the water temperature is 78 degrees Fahrenheit or below then wetsuits ARE allowed. At 78.1 to 83.9 degrees Fahrenheit participants may wear a wetsuit at their own discretion; however, wearing a wetsuit in the temperature range will mean that the athletes are ineligible for awards and their results will be placed in the Wetsuit category section of the category results page. Your results will not be placed in the overall results as wearing a wetsuit is an unfair advantage.  At 84 degrees Fahrenheit and above wetsuits are NOT permitted at all – this is for your own safety.


We pride ourselves on the success of our events to which none of it could be possible without the support of our amazing volunteers.

How to Become a Volunteer

It is simple. Find out more information on our volunteer page.  If you have any further questions please send an email to customerservice@hfpracing.com and let us know you wish to support the event!

Volunteer as a Group

HFP Racing events are a great opportunity to get your community group, run club, tri-club, ANY group involved and volunteer together. We have many areas of the race that are perfect for groups from 5-15 people to volunteer together. Send us email at customerservice@hfpracing.com and let us know!

New for 2022, you can either select a shirt size or donate your t-shirt cost.

The State of Ohio Series races has an option for you to ‘Skip the Tee, Plant a Tree’ during the registration process.

When you are prompted to select a shirt size, you have the option to select ‘Donate T, Plant a Tree.’ The cost of the t-shirt will be donated to the Ohio State Parks Foundation.

Why is this effort important to you as an athlete and us as an event organizer?

HFP Racing & Greenswell Events utilize many of the Ohio State Parks throughout the year to put on events. Supporting our parks in this effort this not only a way for all of us to see the short-term progress but also for everyone to enjoy the parks in the years to come.

To read more about this initiative, check out the Earth Day blog post.

You can't live with out trees



The mini distance triathlon will start off with a 250 yard out and back swim (water depth average 4-6 feet along the beach), followed by a 7 mile bike course through the countryside and finishing with 2 mile out and back run within the park. Duathletes will start off with a 2 mile run.

Click an image to enlarge.


The sprint distance triathlon features a 750 meter counter-clockwise rectangular swim, while the duathletes are running an out & back 5k within the park, followed by a single loop 18k bike course through the gently rolling countryside surrounding the park and finishing with an out & back 5k run within the park.

Click an image to enlarge.


The Olympic distance triathlon features a 1500 meter 2-lap counter-clockwise rectangular swim, while the duathletes are running an out & back 5k within the park, followed by a two lap 38k bike course through the countryside surrounding the park and finishing with a two lap out & back 10k run within the park.

Click an image to enlarge.


Deer Creek State Park

20635 State Park Road 20, Mt Sterling, OH 43143 | Website

Welcome to Deer Creek State Park. A true vacation destination, Deer Creek offers a balance of modern and rustic facilities to satisfy every visitor. Set amidst rich farming country, the park’s well-appointed resort, marina, large campground, and 18-hole golf course facilities blend perfectly with outdoor activities such as boating, fishing, camping, and hiking. The park also boasts a presidential connection with its historical Harding Cabin. In summer, Deer Creek offers nature programming, and in winter, snowmobiling and ice fishing.

The Ohio Fall Challenge features a distance for all ability levels, whether you’re getting ready for a fall Ironman distance race or looking for a great course for your final triathlon of the year, the Ohio Fall Challenge is the race for you. The field is limited to the first 500 total participants.

Join us in the last weekend of September at the Ohio Fall Challenge! End your racing season on a high note at this outstanding athlete-friendly event.